• $15.00

Jenni designed the DRY MITT to provide you the best pre-tan exfoliation tool. When the DRY MITT comes into contact with wet skin, the friction activates the exfoliation process. As you scrub, the mitt will gradually become wet and continue to exfoliate. It's recommended to use it at least 12-24 hours before sunless tanning for the best results.


  • Take a hot/warm shower (5 minutes) but DO NOT use any body products, including exfoliants (products will fill your pores and block or dilute your spray tan)
  • Step away from the stream of water and start scrubbing your skin with medium to hard pressure to lift off the dead skin
  • Rinse your body thoroughly with water only
  • For best results repeat this process in two to three showers prior to spray tanning. Be kind to your skin and break it up. Do not use any lotion or oils prior to sunless tanning

Jenni's Notes:

  • 100% Natural Viscose
  • The DRY MITT will shrink when it gets wet as this is a feature of natural viscose, but it will go back to it’s original size once dry