Have a mani/pedi before your spray. Make sure you wash off any oils or lotions they put on you as they will act as a barrier against the solution.

Shave, Wax, Pluck

Wax, shave, pluck 24 hours prior to spray tanning. Doing these too close to your spray tan session may cause solution to get caught in your pores.


Exfoliate. Use an exfoliant that is great at 2 jobs: scrubbing off the dead skin cells and cleaning any oils or impurities to leave the skin completely bare and naked.

What to Wear During

During your spray tan you can wear a bathing suit, underwear and/or bra or nude. Whatever you wear you will have those tan lines.

After Care


Once you are ready to shower it is important to NOT use a heavy soap. The residue could strip and fade the tan unevenly. I always suggest to do a thorough rinse and only soap in the necessary areas.


Moisturize right when you get out of the shower. Use a nice thick moisturizer that doesn’t contain any heavy oils. I really like Cetaphil Moisturizing CREAM in the tub. Works great!


Drink plenty of water. Although it doesn’t seem necessary when spray tanning it is so important to keep your skin hydrated. This will ensure a longer tan that will fade evenly.

What to Wear After

After your spray tan put on an SKJ Beauty Wrap. This dress was specifically made for after a spray tan or spa appointment to preserve your tan and offer comfort after these services.